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Technology is a great tool for businesses of all sizes, but tech-generated downtime is one of the worst roadblocks to running your business. When systems are down – and before systems are down – you need a solution quickly, and we are here to help. Even if all systems seem to be working, proactive prevention of downtime will keep your business running more reliably than ever. Strategy, regular maintenance, regular backups and user education are the keys to keeping your business online.

As a business owner, you wear many hats and should expect no less of your IT partner. We are dedicated to your business and will own IT for you so that you are free to pursue your passions. Services we commonly provide include:

Managed Services

Small business owners like you constantly face cost-benefit dilemmas with IT, including whether it is worth your time or your staff’s time to deal with technology issues. Why not let dedicated experienced professionals take care of all that for you? Having a solid managed services provider gives you a dedicated full-spectrum IT department at a predictable fixed rate, without the cost and HR pressures of hiring in-house support staff. Let’s partner to constantly identify and act on improvement opportunities, proactively prevent downtime and solve IT issues through planning, design, ongoing maintenance, systems and network administration, and end user support and education. At the end of the day, you continue to rock your business, while we focus on making IT work for you.

Strategy and Implementation

Well-planned systems turn various sources of chaos into synergies that will free your business to thrive. We help your business find and implement the most effective combination of cloud solutions, network infrastructure, systems and configurations.

Cloud and Virtualization

Why worry about in-house systems causing downtime if leveraging the cloud makes sense for your business? Cloud hosting companies have comparatively endless resources to maintain and repair systems, so you can rest easy. We can find you a full cloud-based or hybrid cloud and on-site system that works best for you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we are not here to sell you on unnecessary cloud services, but rather solutions that work.


In a connected world, having a solid network infrastructure is critical to being connected without unnecessary slowdowns, having access to key resources and safeguarding your data and your customers’ data. We design and maintain small business networks for those exact reasons.


Unexpected issues are inevitable and will lead to downtime. Our dedicated support team works locally and remotely to support end users, whether it be solving pressing problems or answering tech questions they may have.


Systems we most frequently work with include:

  • Windows Server
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Windows Domain Environment
  • Active Directory
  • Office 365
  • GSuite
  • Others


SynergiaTech specializes in IT for CPA firms as a result of unique experience. Having an auditor who has managed IT for small firms and experienced technology used in Big 4 and small firms, we understand your business from both sides of the table, understand security needs, and have extensive experience with accounting applications and systems, such as:

  • ProSystem FX Engagement
  • ProSystem FX Tax
  • Drake Tax
  • Lacerte
  • Quickbooks Desktop and Online

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