IT Solutions

As a business owner, you wear many hats. But if you have to spend half your day putting out fires caused by your computer hardware or software malfunctions, your ability to take care of your clients takes a hit. Managed tech services can be the solution to your problems.

Don’t let downtime keep you from running your business. Before your systems go down, or even if they are already down, give us a call. Every day, we work proactively with businesses like yours to keep your tech assets from becoming liabilities.

Managed Services

Did you know that taking care of your own IT costs you more than just your time and money? When you spend your time and money without an IT expert, you are also paying the opportunity cost. Missed sales and failed projects are far too expensive. And managed IT services don’t have to be.

With Synergia Tech, you can get a dedicated full-spectrum IT department at a predictable fixed rate, without the cost and HR pressures of hiring in-house support staff. So you can continue to rock your business, while we focus on making IT work for you.

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Systems Administration & Strategy

What if you could fix your computer systems before they derail and force downtime? Imagine the hours you could save without having to wait for your systems to come back online or redoing work that got lost.

That’s our goal. We will work with you to identify opportunities to improve your systems, and proactively prevent downtime through planning, design, ongoing maintenance, systems and network administration, and end user support and education.

Well-planned systems transform chaos into synergy. We will help your business find and implement the most effective solutions that will free your business to thrive.

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Cloud and Virtualization

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Some companies may need a local server to host and maintain all their files, while others would benefit from the light weight and convenience of cloud and virtual services. Whatever your company needs to function and grow, we will work with you to implement, whether that is a full cloud-based system or hybrid cloud and on-site system.

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Network Administration

In a connected world, having a solid network infrastructure is critical to being connected without unnecessary slowdowns, having access to key resources and safeguarding your data and your customers’ data. We design and maintain small business networks for those exact reasons.

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Helpdesk – Expert Support

While planning and solid implementation can minimize downtime, unexpected issues are unavoidable. Our dedicated support team works locally and remotely to answer questions and fix problems, so your team can do the job you hired them to do.

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Accounting Software & Systems

You make thousands of decisions each day, and many of those financially impact your business. Aside from the core systems that fuel your operations, you need solid financial systems to drive solid decision-making. With a seasoned small business auditor, accounting consultant and Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor on your team, you can rest assured, knowing the high-quality, mission critical financial information you need to make the best decisions is constantly at your fingertips.

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