Technology can empower your business. Or give you a headache. Especially, when you have a major client project coming due and your team members’ computers keep crashing, or you lose access to important files. But before you start screaming at your screen, or searching for the nearest sledgehammer, reach out to SynergiaTech. You don’t have to deal with your IT problems by yourself. With SynergiaTech you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you have a dedicated and responsive IT partner who brings you the best solutions to drive your business forward.

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A Note From Our Founder

Hi! My name is Paul Manos.

From the age of 6, I always enjoyed tinkering with computers and was able to be a part of a university helpdesk during high school. Professionally, I studied accounting and worked as a CPA in several small audit and tax firms and spent a season at a Big 4 accounting firm. While at one of the small firms, a rapid period of growth revealed a need for scalable technology and a need for the owner to hand off IT. This moment re-ignited the IT spark, and I served as the firm’s IT manager and eventually developed Synergia Tech in 2016.

**The SynergiaTech Difference**

SynergiaTech has since expanded beyond CPA firms to helping other small business owners in Denver and Fort Collins hand off tech worries and have the best team and tools possible for their business. As a result of this unusual combination of IT and public accounting backgrounds, all of our clients enjoy a special level of professionalism, responsiveness and business perspective that goes well beyond simple support when things break. The CPA firms we serve also enjoy an IT solutions provider who uniquely understands their business and has been on the user and administration sides of your systems.
We look forward to connecting with you and serving you.

All the best,

Paul Manos
Founder and President of Synergia Tech

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